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Dematec engineering

  • In house research and development
  • 3D CAD design
  • FEM analyses and complex engineering by Mechdes Engineering in Harderwijk
  • 80% of all welding by welding robots
  • Technical expertise
  • High quality
  • Advanced testing process
  • According to International standards
  • ISO 9001 certified quality management


All our hammers are 100% detailed in our 3D drawing program. Changes for special wishes or demands are done before production. By the end of a project we save all data in our project map so also in 10 years we still know exactly for each hammer what is delivered and done. For 80% of all our welding we are using robots. This is giving us the quality and flexibility to deliver a hammer with a very short delivery time and a constant level of quality.

Before assembling the complete cylinder is tested on functionality and leaking. During the final assembly one of your technical staff is invited to work with us on your hammer. This is to be sure you have the know how about the hammer and you are able to maintain and service it the right way. With delivery we will help install and fine tune the hammer on your first jobsite. Also instruction to the operator regarding how to work with the hammer
and a maintenance program will be set up with your operator.

We are putting a lot of effort not only in your investment but also in your staff to make sure
you get the best out of your investment from day 1 on!